3D Printed Guns

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3D printers have been making headlines over the past couple of years. As 3D printing technology has evolves, prices have continued to decline and consumer grade versions can be bought for under $1000. Early adopters enthusiasts have been experimenting with different designs and can even share there unique diagrams with others on sites such as Thingiverse. These hobbyists started off with relatively simple designs such as coat hangers and other knickknacks. But things are moving ahead at a rapid pace in this information age and naturally the limits of what is possible, and permissible, are going to be tested.

Now comes one such story of a man named Cody Wilson, a 24 year old University of Texas Law student, who is spearheading a project to use 3D printing technology to produce firearms. Not only that, but he wants to share the plans online, meaning anyone could replicate the designs to print their own guns.

This raises many issues and concerns on both sides of the gun control debate.