8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: The Killing of George Floyd

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From Brussels to New York City, the cries and chants of impassioned protesters have resounded throughout the globe. They seek to expose the continuing dominance of institutional racism and to foster meaningful reforms in law enforcement. This all comes in the aftermath of what many view as a sickening act of racially inspired violence. Produced by Sky News, the documentary 8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: The Killing of George Floyd recounts this cataclysmic event, the public furor it has aroused, and what societal adjustments might be achieved in its wake.

On May 25, 2020 in Minnesota, during what should have been the routine apprehension of a suspect following reports of a minor criminal incident, George Floyd was killed by an arresting officer. The officer firmly planted his knee at the base of Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes as he pleaded for his life. Autopsies have characterized this event as a homicide and concluded that Floyd could have been dead from cardiac arrest during the final three minutes of this encounter.

As cell phone video of the incident began to leak out to the media, the public outcry began to grow. In a matter of hours, protesters took to the streets to express their disdain for yet another officer-involved murder of a black man. This latest incident was not a rarity in American culture; it reflects the long and tortured history of racism that dates back to the roots of the country. But the activism that has grown in the immediate aftermath of this incident feels vibrant with renewed possibility. How will the new generation take the fight for equality to the next level?

The film explores the current conversations surrounding these important issues, including the culpability of those in power who have encouraged racial strife, the power of everyday citizenry to affect change, and the need to rethink the role of law enforcement in communities of color.

Narrated by actor Idris Elba and featuring interviews with noted racial equality activists, 8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: The Killing of George Floyd is a searing and of-the-moment look at a defining moment in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Directed by: Gilberte Phanor, Toby Sculthorp