9/11 Exposed

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On September 11, 2001 the world watched in disbelief as evil took over. Many couldn’t figure out what had just happened and the original reactions were of anger, deep sorrow, anxiety and everything in between. The fact that both towers collapsed in exactly the same way was indication that this attack had been planned down to the minutest detail. But who was the mastermind behind this and why? What could possibly be obtained through the death and pain of so many and the total destruction of these buildings?

Immediately following the events, hundreds of conspiracy theories surged. Many eyewitnesses started testifying to inconsistencies between what they experienced and what was being reported on the news. These stories were called ‘malicious’ lies and ‘an attempt to shift the blame away from the guilty’.

However, a few unanswered questions exist, beginning with what happened to building 7? Very few people paid attention to this only because the twin towers stole the limelight. But from an engineering point of view, the way in which this building collapsed is the greater mystery. Physicists have concluded that the only way this building would be able to free fall in an orderly symmetrical fashion would be due to controlled demolition.

In order to get that done, a team of experts would have needed to be hired to set up the explosives. Was this planned after the attacks on buildings 1 and 2? Or was this planned before that morning’s events? How long would it have taken these experts to set up the demolition? One expert thinks that in order for this to be done on the same day, it would have required hours of work by 30 or 40 persons who already knew exactly what to do. They would have needed to be working even while the building was on fire.

Regarding the twin towers, the stories are even stranger: dead bodies locked in closets, molten steel beams, and news reporters that seemed to know about the events before they took place.

The yellow liquid flowing down the towers suggest molten iron that could not have been caused by the airplane’s fluid. The large dust clouds that were ejected at high speed when the buildings collapsed were similar to those which occur during a volcanic eruption.

After the dust settled, not a desk, chair, or computer was found although the buildings housed hundreds of offices. Everything was reduced to powder. Add to that the fact that there were lateral ejections of free-flying heavy steel sections traveling at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour that are usually an indication of demolition.

In the end, the conspiracy theories are not as malicious and ridiculous as they were originally believed to be.