A Charged Business: The Future of Electric Transport

2019, Technology  -  42 min Leave a Comment
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The future of automotive transportation is still being written as the competition between manufacturers continues to escalate. We seem to be on the precipice of significant and widespread change and innovation in the industry, but where the chips will ultimately fall is anyone's guess. A Charged Business: The Future of Electric Transport dissects the challenges of shaping the next evolution in driving.

The phenomenon that is Elon Musk, and his flagship Tesla enterprise, informs much of the film's content. After enjoying enormous early success and acclaim, Tesla has come under increased scrutiny. Desperate to meet consumer demand for more affordable vehicles that travel at greater distances without the need for a recharge, the company is now enduring criticism for electronic defects, production snags, and punishing working conditions for their employee base. Meanwhile, the world's other major car manufacturers are hoping to capitalize on Tesla's structural cracks by rushing their own innovations into production.

The filmmakers travel From Barcelona to Silicon Valley in search of Tesla's most aggressive competition. Porsche seems to be the likeliest candidate to overthrow Musk's groundbreaking work from its lofty perch. The film provides a sneak peek into their latest top-secret production model. Admittedly, the acclaimed automaker still hasn't achieved the quality and performance of comparable Tesla models. But their reputation, solid organizational structure, and reliance on similar German technologies might ultimately ensure them victory in the long run.

The film features insights from a corporate representative who praises Musk's desire to redefine transportation both here on Earth and in the farthest reaches of our galaxy, including his initiatives for a lightning-speed rail system and interplanetary spacecraft. On the other end of the equation, we hear from a disgruntled ex-employee of Tesla, a whistleblower who breaks down a series of flaws in their designs, assembly lines and corporate culture.

Will this behind-the-scenes chaos ultimately result in a car of tomorrow that the whole world can embrace? Which players will achieve the glory, and which might suffer financial ruin in the process? A Charged Business: The Future of Electric Transport provides an enthusiastic and informative glimpse into our potential future on the road.

Directed by: Stefan Tiyavorabun