A Future of Abundance

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If you're feeling gloomy about the state of the world, you can turn to author Peter Diamandis for a jolting shot of optimism. As expressed in his book titled Abundance, he believes our modern technological revolution can help to fulfill all the essential needs of humanity around the globe. A Future of Abundance is a new documentary that explores Diamandis' uniquely hopeful perspective.

It's difficult to see the forest through the trees when we look around and witness a world in constant crisis. Whether we're observing the scourge of starvation, pollution, economic turmoil, environmental destruction, depleted energy resources or defective health care systems, the issues plaguing our global society seem apocalyptic and insurmountable.

Diamandis urges us to look closer. In his view, we already possess the tools to achieve a near utopian existence. The price of solar energy is rapidly diminishing, and could one day power the world at a very low cost. In the Sahara desert, sunlight and salt water are being converted to meet the region's demand for power, fresh food and clean water. These same elements can also be employed for similar projects in any of the world's most arid climates, including Australia and South Africa.

What if your preventative health care needs could be served with a simple device you use at home? Emerging technologies make it possible to track and diagnose health concerns without having to travel to the doctor's office. The impressive reach of the internet and crowd creation can assist the next generation of inventors, allow them to avoid the bureaucracy of corporate development and distribution, and bring more life-altering innovations to the masses with greater ease than ever before. Five billion users will be connected through the Internet by the year 2020, and the brightest minds among them will be able to share and build upon the most promising innovations of tomorrow. This free flow of ideas can inspire more effective and cost efficient solutions to a variety of pressing issues.

The documentary field is often mired in the morose and catastrophic, but A Future of Abundance celebrates a world of endless possibility.

Directed by: Martijn Kieft