A New Story for Humanity

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Marked by bustling metropolitan cities and modern technologies, Western culture feels as though it exists on a separate plane from nature. As a result, pollution levels are perilous, animal and sea life is waning, and climate change is a very real threat that could prove ruinous to our planet. We've been brainwashed by the dictates of a capitalism to believe that hard work is all we require to find success and happiness.

This philosophy creates discord in our relationships, unrelenting stress on our minds and bodies and a blindness towards the finer pleasures of life. The world needs a new narrative - one that promotes solidarity with the environment and a revitalized hope for a positive future. That narrative is explored in A New Story for Humanity, a feature-length documentary about the evolution of a global movement.

The film finds its roots in the New Story Summit. Presented by the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community of leaders, activists and teachers throughout the globe, the event included a series of presentations aimed at spreading an inspiring message: the world we seek lies within each of us. Each presentation throughout the summit constituted a different thread in the discussion, including economic concerns, social issues, education, the environment, the importance of embracing our diversity and establishing a sense of community, and the virtues of friendly competition.

The film contains a wealth of excerpts from these sessions, and in-depth conversations with the panel of multi-cultural teachers, including activist and author Satish Kumar, General Secretary of the Global Ecovillage Network Lua Bashana-Kekana, spiritual educator Dororthy Maclean, and Andean medicine man Puma Quispe Singona.

Empowering and enlightening, A New Story for Humanity calls upon the skills and dedication of every generation to write a new chapter in the future of humankind. Calling upon the wisdom of both ancient and modern cultural thinking, the lessons are clear, aspirational and relevant to every member of the global community. The calls to action are easily adaptable and achievable for all of us. Viewers will leave the film feeling as though they possess the potential and the tools they need to change the world.

Directed by: Lorenz Gramann, Mattie Porte