A Portrait of Pat Carey

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A Portrait of Pat Carey is an intimate look at San Francisco artist and activist, Pat Carey. This heart-warming documentary follows her life stemming from her parents immigration to the United States and follows through to her death in May of 2013. It is touching, engaging, and deeply personal. It features people from all walks of life showing how they, or someone they knew, were touched by Pat Carey's art. Even people from today's generation have the ability to look back and see how Pat Carey turned the world on its ear, providing the path for many to speak out for their own causes.

Filled with interviews from friends, family members, and even Pat Carey herself, "A Portrait of Pat Carey" is an engaging and in-depth look at a woman many people had probably never heard of. Once the documentary concludes, however, you will feel like you know her well, and be a little sad that you never got to meet her yourself.

Art takes center stage in this piece, showing drawings and portraits from various parts of Pat Carey's life. Due to her father being in the field of creative arts himself, he was able to pass on his creativity to his daughter. The documentary chronicles how she found and honed her talent, including how she made a name for herself in the San Francisco art circuit. She discovered she was particularly skilled at drawing people and anatomy and practiced that for months and years on end, taking the time and the care to get each part of a person exactly right.

The art follows along with Pat's emotions and feelings at the time, giving an extra sense of depth to what was going on in the world around her. Being the strong woman that she was, Pat Carey always drew what she wanted, even if it meant risking her career.

Using her little bit of notoriety, Pat Carey started to speak out about several legislative issues, including AIDS, anti-fascism, and terrorism after September 11, 2001. One issue that was very important to Pat Carey was gay rights; attending many rallies and outreaches on their behalf. All this during a time before gay rights was a hot-button issue, meaning she could have lost her reputation at any time. Her art and her activism did wonders for the San Francisco community, and even for the United States as a whole.