A Wish Filled Summer

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Fauvé suffers from an incurable neuro-muscular disease. She can’t walk because her legs are too weak to carry the weight of her body. Although it’s not a painful condition, she isn’t free to move around like everybody else. Her muscles function properly but the signal that should be going from the brain to the muscles through the spinal cord is not working properly. Fauvé has a sibling named Tycho with the same condition. One of Fauve’s wishes is to become a dog trainer. She loves dogs and wants to have as many assistant dogs as possible.

Richard has hepatic insufficiency, which means that he needs to get a liver transplant soon. Richard spends a lot of time in the hospital and as a result mostly keeps to himself when he’s out. His wish is to go to a film set to see how a film is made with hundreds of people working at the same time.

Then there’s Sem who has leukemia. He loves to build with Legos. At the beginning of his treatment there were a few complications that could have ended badly, but he overcame all of them cheerfully. Sem’s wish is to visit the Lego Factory.

The people who work at Make-A -Wish Netherlands love their jobs because they get to meet some amazing children. Few things bring them more joy than to design a tailor-made wish day for a child.  In order to create the wish, the child has to be involved in choosing what needs to happen during the day. Having a disease implies a loss of control over one’s body so they make sure to give each child control over that one special day’s activities.