Aftermath: How Paris Changed the World

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Who in the world can be considered immune from the dangers of terrorism after the City of Love comes under attack? That question has plagued citizens, governments and law enforcement agencies throughout the globe since the recent onslaught of ISIS-inspired brutality in Paris. Produced by the news-driven arm of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the incredibly urgent and of-the-moment documentary Aftermath: How Paris Changed the World travels from France to Belgium to Turkey in an effort to explore the residue of this horrifying terror operation.

The investigation begins in Belgium. In the immediate wake of the Paris attacks, the streets of Belgium come to resemble a militarized zone. Over the years, several high-profile terrorist plots have originated from this region, including this one. What's behind Belgium's undesirable identity as a breeding ground for radicalization? Reporter Adrienne Arsenault uncovers an environment fraught with paranoia, structural failures in law enforcement, and sinister underground perversity.

Millions of Syrian refugees have struggled to find their place in Istanbul. Young child Alan Kurdi was one of those refugees. A photo depicting his lifeless body washed up on a beach caused an international cry for compassionate reform on behalf of these refugee arrivals. Gillian Findlay reports on the plight of the family members he left behind as they wade through negotiations to immigrate to Canada.

As heinous acts of terrorism continue to spread across the world, each affected region must grapple with the appropriate response. France is currently in the grips of such a challenge, and the course of their actions may forever redefine their identity on the global stage. Guided by reporter Mark Kelley, the film introduces us to a growing movement among the far right in France which preaches an increasingly alarming anti-Muslim sentiment.

The enhanced reach of global terrorism represents a frightening new frontier for many involved as military advisors and policy makers struggle to find suitable solutions and deterrents to future planned attacks. Aftermath: How Paris Changed the World is a thoughtful and probing look inside three branches of this conflict, the lessons that have been learned, and the pitfalls which may lie in waiting from the lessons that remain unheeded.