Al Jazeera: Artscape: Maestro’s Daughters

2017, Culture, Music  -  22 min Leave a Comment
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Artscape is an extraordinary series highlighting the various forms of art across the world. It showcases the artistic forces that are behind the some of the globe’s headline stories. Are you creative? How do you express yourself? 25 minutes long.The world is full of people who break down barriers throughout their communities with the power of their imaginations, voices and art.

The series details the the courage of people finding their voice, using the strength of words and the power of photography. You’ve probably heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, this is examined throughout the series. In this particular episode, Artscape: Maestro’s Daughters features the two blind daughters of a renowned Bangladeshi musician as they attempt to carry out their father’s legacy.

Viewers are given a look into their journey to open and run a music school for the blind. We’re taken inside these two inspirational and talented musicians lives as they push ahead to achieve their father’s dreams. This is the story of two women who rather than allowing their disability to hold them back, they instead push forward. I was amazed with the amount of talent and perseverance these two young ladies possess.