Alarma! Mexico's Most Violent Crimes

2008, Crime  -  54 min Leave a Comment
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It is very rare to have nothing going on in Mexico City. Since it's such a big city, there's always something happening. For one reason or another, there's always a homicide. There is not one day without a one. Alarma! magazine catalogs crime and violence in Mexico City, a town where a cop is killed almost everyday.

From the employees: We know we have to be very cautious about whether or not we can do our work. The first thing we have to deal with is the cops. If they've already taped off the crime scene, then we have to be creative about taking our photographs.

Basically, we publish violent events from around the country... all over Mexico. I think of Alarma! as a catalog of "the bad." If you steal you'll be in Alarma! If you get involved with the narcos, you'll get killed and be in Alarma! If you drink and drive, crash and then die, you'll be in Alarma! That's what the magazine is about.

Warning: Contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing.