Amazon: The Last Call

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Because we live on a blue-green colored planet let's chose an emerald from it - the Amazonia, its capital - to bathe in nature and delve into a beautiful and gratifying journey. Even if just for one day, let's leave our condition of mere earth dwellers behind and give into the flow of an important river, the Amazon River.

It's not the largest river in the world, the Nile is even longer, exactly 200 meters longer, but what is that between giants? At any rate, where Amazon begins there's basin that is actually the largest continental hydro-system in the world, 6436 kilometers of sweet power, a river full of life that governs an extensive territory that goes from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean, more or less the distance between New York and Berlin.

These waters irrigate various countries that are located in the hearth of South America, but it's in Brazil where Amazon becomes a vital life support for the Earth's organism. All this exuberance, this bold nature is not there by chance. Amazonia is a powerful laboratory in which the Earth carries out its experiments. This giant has only been flowing into the Atlantic Ocean over the past 15 million years. Before that it passed through the other side of the American continent looking towards Asia into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Out of the tremble of an entire continent the youngest mountain range that eyes can admire was born - the Andes. With heights of over 5000 meters these mountains came into the world to change the course of the Amazon River and indeed the course of history. The Amazon became the most productive river on Earth during thousands of years of flooding the vast extension that is today the configuration 9 different nations. That tremble changed many features and today the river has a thousand faces. A fifth of the world's fresh water flows through this arterial system.