Americana: The 2nd Revolutionary War

2009, Society  -  26 min Leave a Comment
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Politicians are there to lie and deceive and to continually trick the people into never getting control of their society again. They are there to keep the elites in power. They are there for the upper class to wage war against the middle class and the working class.

It's the two parties teamed up against the people, two wings on the same bird of prey. Instead of looking at the wings all day, let's talk about the head, the beak, the guts of this thing, its mind, its eyes, what it believes, what this bird does.

This is tyranny. This is what globalism is. We want a new world order? It's the banks that engineered the collapse and they're bragging about it. Folks, what we know is off the chart crazy. Imagine what we don't know because truth is strange, ladies and gentlemen.

As VICE traveled across the country, they realized that there was something else stirring under the surface. There was this growing movement of people who really feared the government and rejected this idea of hope all together.

More and more folks were starting to listen to people like Alex Jones. They believed we were standing on the edge of a total collapse and they were getting ready to fight in the second American Revolution.