America’s Water Crisis

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Emerson Rosenthal boldly travels across the country to investigate what exactly is the cause of the fresh water crisis that is threatening the health and well-being of citizens of the United States. In this documentary he discovers a number of interesting facts and get to the very messy bottom of the problem.

Few people are aware that every time it rains in New York City, around 27 billion gallons of toxic raw sewage gets dumped into the Hudson River. Mega storms like the recent hurricane Sandy inevitably magnified the issue by flooding New York’s waterways with even more human feces.

Variations to this same problem span across 700 US cities. Florida, for instance, has pumped out so much water from its underground aquifers that the city’s foundation is literally sinking. Sinkholes across the state have been sucking homes, vehicles, humans, and housepets into the earth for years.

Then there’s the Golden State of California, where freshwater in the San José Valley is quickly disappearing. Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal for a peripheral canal is re-igniting a battle over water rights. Environmentalists, common citizens, politicians, and billionaires are all fighting for control over California’s water supply. What they all know is that whoever controls the water, controls the state.