Apollo’s New Moon

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At the return of the first crew to ever set foot upon the moon, the world cheered. The astronauts had fulfilled one of humanity’s boldest dreams. What they saw set off a chain reaction in science and technology and brought about a new understanding of how the planet was formed, how the moon came to be, and how life on earth emerged. These findings, along with the recent discovery of water on the moon, are breathing new life into Apollo’s mission and setting them on the path to launching a new generation of human exploration.

When the astronauts climbed out to experience the moon up close, the excursion was tightly choreographed and they had a number of activities to complete as they walked or drove across the unfamiliar terrain.

The investment that poured into research about how to get to and from the moon safely helped shape modern life because the quest to study the moon was a fundamental goal of the space age. The Soviets intended to send cosmonauts beyond earth’s orbit but they never succeeded in any of their launches and once even caused a nuclear explosion.

This amazing film features a lot of NASA footage that has been enhanced by AI-based software and other forms of digital processing. Viewers get a whole new perspective about what the landing was really like because of the clarity of the images. It’s breath-taking to just think about what they must have felt as they set foot on lunar soil and explored the unknown landscape. The evidence collected back then revolutionized our knowledge of science to this very day.

Enjoy the view.