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Where do you get your morality from? Don't assume that atheists don't have morals. We all have morals, we all have ethics. Atheists just don't derive them from a holy book. And probably your Bible isn't the only reason you're not out there killing everybody in sights.

You do not believe in anything, your life must be so empty? Atheists don't believe in God but they believe in plenty of other things that give their lives meaning... like friends, family, teaching, talking, etc. So no, their lives are not empty.

Why are you mad at God? Atheists don't hate God, atheists don't believe in God... they also don't hate unicorns. But, you can't prove God doesn't exist. Why Christians have no problem disbelieving in Hindu Gods... disbelieving in other religions' Gods? It is the same way that atheists don't believe in their God.

What if you're wrong? Nothing's going to happen if atheists are wrong. You're assuming that God is going to punish them for asking honest questions? Why would God be mad for actually doing some research instead of just sitting around and going to church couple of times a week and acting like you really care? But what if Christians are praying to the wrong God and making the real one madder and madder every time they do it?

You just have to have faith. God's given us this mind to use it but theists are asking atheists to close it when it comes to religion. Being able to think critically is not a bad thing. You have to open your heart to God. There's nothing wrong with atheists' hearts. They're not actively shielding themselves from God; they're not wearing aluminum tin foil hats. They're open to possibilities... just explain them why should they believe in God.

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