Baby Faced Bodybuilders

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Most of us go to the gym to lose weight and subtly tone our bodies - if we go at all. And most of us think bodybuilders look gross and unnatural. So why is it that some teenagers are dedicating their lives to this extreme sport?

This surprising, energetic and gripping documentary follows teenagers whose bodybuilding obsession is so extreme it's becoming a clinical problem. We delve into the minds of three young bodybuilders and discover how they got to the point where they wanted to be weirdly big.

Danny is preparing for his first big competition by transforming his body in a matter of weeks. He is 'bigorexic' - psychologically obsessed with being big - and it has taken over his life. Meanwhile 15- year-old Chapelle excitedly plans a trip to meet her heroine Avril, a female bodybuilding legend.

We reveal how an obsession with bodybuilding can rule your life. And we talk to their families and friends to find out what they think of it all.