Back to the Moon for Good

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In December 1972 two astronauts climbed into a small metal capsule and prepared to return to Earth. The Apollo 17 crew included the first scientist to set foot on the moon and the astronauts spent more than three days exploring. These men conducted more experiments and explored more of the surface than what took place on any of the previous missions. This concluded the ten-year Apollo program that was actually a competition between the United States and the Soviet Union known as the Space Race.

After that accomplishment most people thought we would soon return to the moon, but instead Apollo equipment has sat abandoned on the lunar surface for over 40 years. The excitement has dwindled for some and others doubt that the mission ever really happened. However, now hope has been rekindled as the next generation of explorers prepares to make the journey.

This amazing 24-minute documentary, Narrated by Tim Allen, is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE. For centuries people have offered prices to encourage exploration and innovation with amazing results. This time it’s no different as scientists from all over the world come together to figure out how to get back on the moon. The only catch is that the team has to be at least 90% privately funded. This means that no governments can get involved. Over 30 teams from around the globe have entered the competition. This film records 18 teams from around the world who are determined to make history by landing a robotic spacecraft on the Moon.

This global competition has been designed to trigger the imagination and to awaken a renewed commitment to space exploration programs. This time it’s not a competition between governments or countries – but it’s the ambition of the citizens of the world.