Becoming Warren Buffett

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Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest people in the world. The secrets behind his success form the spine of the feature-length HBO documentary Becoming Warren Buffett. In contrast to his tremendous wealth and influence, Buffett possesses a good-natured human touch. He drives himself to work every day, and even stops by the local McDonalds for an inexpensive breakfast sandwich along the way. To this day, he continues to reside in his hometown of Omaha, NE.

But behind the pleasantly unassuming exterior, he is one of history's most brilliant businessmen. His ambitions began at an early age. Armed with a deep love of numbers and a desire to be his own boss, he traveled door to door selling newspapers, bubble gum and soda pop as a youngster. He filed his first tax return at the age of 13, and started selling stocks at the age of 20.

He encountered his share of hurdles along the way, including social awkwardness, a profound fear of public speaking and a mixed academic record. Through sheer determination and hard work, he overcame his shortcomings and eventually became the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a holding company that owns some of the globe's most recognizable businesses.

The film features interviews with Buffett's family members, friends, and business colleagues whose comments complete the circle of his complicated narrative.

The centerpiece of the film, however, is a revealing conversation with the man himself. Buffet is never less than candid, and expresses appreciation for those who empowered him to succeed in his personal and business-related pursuits. In his plain-spoken, humble and folksy manner, he sheds light on what it takes to achieve and maintain wealth in all aspects of life. We share in his joy when he reflects on the great luck of meeting his wife and buying his first home, and the commitment he feels towards the cause of philanthropy. In fact, Buffett has committed the vast majority of his fortune to charitable organizations, and urges other billionaires to do the same.

Becoming Warren Buffett is a moving and relatable portrait of one of the world's most fascinating and influential figures.

Directed by: Peter W. Kunhardt