Between Sky and Ocean

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Between Sky and Ocean’ an independent documentary film, captures a series of unreported stories from the Kiritimati (Christmas) Island, which is located in the Central Pacific Ocean. The documentary investigates a controversial case of military injustice towards the citizens of Kiritimati who were exposed to the radiation from Nuclear Bomb testings conducted in this region by UK and USA on several occasions. Additionally, the picture explores the complexities of the shortages of food and drinking water that occurred due to dramatically increasing population. Moreover, the film examines the issue of control of the surrounding waters by the giants of global fishing industry, what causes a serious repercussions on the locals.

As presented in the documentary,  Kiritimati is one of the first nations to see the sunlight of the new day, however  it will be one of the first to disappear under the Ocean’s surface due to the rising water levels- according to the global warming lobbyists.