Between the Peaks

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This 2015 Best Documentary Feature Winner of the Mountain Film Festival portrays the experience of three friends who set out to climb two of the Seven Summits in 2013. After two years of planning, Ryan Sarka, Ethan Lee, and Jonathan Ronzio began their journey with a one-way ticket to Chile. Once there, they bought a truck and then set out to climb the tallest mountain in South America and the Western and Southern Hemispheres, Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. This majestic peak has an elevation of 22,841 ft. The goal was to head north after that until they reached the tallest mountain in North America.

Not only were they focused on climbing, they also decided that this journey would include doing volunteer work in every country they passed through during this journey. So after meeting Mount Aconcagua, they head back to Chile to a town called Illapel for their first volunteer assignment. The organization they partner with is Save The Wild Chinchillas, founded by Amy Deane.

After leaving Illapel, they head north to Peru. They face some difficulties in this South American country that force them to make a few big changes in their plans. Undaunted, these brave young men continue on their journey through most of South America and Central America.

Their main goals were to follow their dreams and to make a difference.

Along the journey they encounter many unforgettable cultural experiences, but most importantly is the fact that they discover a new appreciation for a simpler way of living.