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An audiovisual presentation about our planet, its people, its cities, its habitat.

The human population of our planet is steadily increasing at the rate of one million more people every four days, and the total human population is now over six thousand million!

This is quite frightening when you remember that in 1970 there were fewer than 3,500 million humans inhabiting the world.

As the human population increases, so do environmental problems of every kind. More attention is now being paid to the environment, but huge damage is still being done throughout the world. At the moment there is not enough thought for the future.

So what is the biosphere? Put simply, it's the bit on the outside of the planet, where all living things are able to exist. It includes the deepest layers of soils and ocean trenches, upwards to the highest levels of the atmosphere in which any form of life (including dormant spores, bacteria or other cells) is present.