Brain: The Last Enigma

2003, Science  -  51 min Leave a Comment
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Man invents faster every day in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. From the beginning of the universe or the birth of a star to the origin of life and genetic inheritance, the enigmas of existence have progressively been figured out. However, the human brain which has allowed the man to achieve this knowledge is still a mystery.

The essence of human intelligence is summarized in music - the perfect combination of reason and emotion. For example, each member of a musical quartet, overflowing with a wind of sensations, uses his memory to remember the piece glancing at the musical score every once in awhile and concentrating to create a virtuoso performance in unison with his companions.

The technique is already subconscious while their attention is aimed at creating the most moving performance. This is the objective, to provoke an emotion that, in this case, the listeners can intimately share and which arouses sensations of pleasure and sometimes rejection in the mind.

In order for this to happen music needs memory, intelligence and will. Where are they and why are they produces? These abilities come from the brain, the corporeal organ where all our thoughts and actions are developed. This is also the place where the mind is found as well as the essence of a person. What she thinks, what she feels and what she imagines. It is the hotbed of sensations and feelings, of images and ideas of each individual human being.

Due to its complexity the brain is one of the territories under scientific investigation with a most mysteries. The basis of its biology is known as well as some models of its functionality, but yet it's not understood why some things are remembered while others are not? Why such a strange mechanism like the human mind worries about itself, about the origin of life, and about the meaning of death?