Capitalizing Happiness

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Ricardo Semler is a wealthy and successful man. He's one of the world's most influential entrepreneurs. He's the majority owner of Semco Partners, one of the most profitable companies in Brazil. He's the author of the global bestseller Maverick, an informative business memoir that offers advice on how to craft a fulfilled life of financial reward much like his own. He is celebrated all around the globe, and his expertise is sought by the likes of the TED Talks conference and Harvard Business School. By all accounts, Semler is a happy man. Ironically, as detailed in the revealing new documentary Capitalizing Happiness, he earned his fortune by making others happy as well.

When he inherited his father's company at the age of 20, Semler witnessed a workforce that was fearful of termination, under tremendous pressures from their job demands, and generally unhappy in their working life. Understanding the power of collaboration through his previous experience playing in musical bands, Semler decided to reinvent his company's work culture. His employees would no longer be made to feel that they were slaves of industry. They would be treated like free and valued individuals and allowed to work at their own pace.

When we first see this workforce in action, several employees are resting in hammocks. This is a period of their workday that they reserve for peace and relaxation. As long as their work gets done on time, they're free to spend their days in the office however they see fit.

Semco Partners employees love their jobs, and their satisfaction makes them more productive and engaged. Under Semler's groundbreaking workplace model, the company has increased its annual revenue by well over 200 million US dollars.

His employees and the worldwide business community alike regard Semler as somewhat of a mythic figure. Capitalizing Happiness gives us unprecedented access behind the gates of his Brazilian estate and captures valuable insights into his life and his business philosophy, which are both infused with the values of love, transparency, and trust. The film provides a thoughtful and inspiring portrait of a true modern-day pioneer.

Want to know the secret to find success in business? All you need is love.