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All Hands - Five-thousand sailors and Marines bid farewell to their loved ones before the mammoth USS Nimitz pulls out of California.

Controlled Chaos - An aircraft carrier is a perilous environment.

Super Secrets - Many aspects of life on a nuclear aircraft carrier are hush-hush.

Squared Away - Deployment is stressful for everyone aboard, and there can be friction between enlisted personnel and their superiors.

Show of Force - The Nimitz arrives in the Gulf and conditions are extreme.

Groundhog Day - After two months in the Gulf, one day starts to become indistinguishable from the next.

Rites of Passage - The last day in the Gulf before the Nimitz heads home.

True Believers - This episode explores the many expressions of faith onboard the USS Nimitz.

Get Home-itis - A six-month absence places a heavy burden on relationships.

Full Circle - The journey home, and the reunions at the pier.

The playlist below contains all 10 episodes of this series, each 56 minutes long. Almost 10 hours of watching in total.