China vs. USA: Empires at War

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Is a war between China and the United States imminent? According to the documentary China vs. USA: Empire at War, mounting evidence suggests that the U.S. may be in secret preparations for such a conflict.

In a post-9/11 world, America has waged a multitude of military campaigns against terrorist organizations and the individuals and governments that harbor them. But the film claims that the threats posed by China take an even higher priority for those who operate in the halls of power in Washington.

At the center of it all is Taiwan, an island nation located less than 200 miles off China's coast. Many Chinese citizens believe that Taiwan is a rightful part of their country, but the Taiwanese people disagree. Itching to assert itself as a world power, China has flirted openly with the concept of military incursion into Taiwan. These attempts have proven unsuccessful due in significant part to the United States and their active role in the region. The film recalls a watershed incident in 1996 when China made obvious military overtures towards Taiwan. When the U.S. responded by quickly deploying two aircraft carriers, China backed away. A line had been drawn, and the potential for a long and complex conflict was established.

As detailed in the film, there are a host of reasons why the United States considers Taiwan an important ally, and why they feel the need to protect the threatened nation at all costs. The U.S. lobbied tirelessly for Taiwan to become a democratic nation. It serves as one of America's largest trading partners with an invaluable and thriving high-tech industry, and they're a crucial partner in U.S. military exploits and intelligence gathering.

Both China and the United States continue to regard one another with great skepticism, caution and defensiveness. A war between these two superpowers would spell catastrophe on multiple fronts, and it would largely transcend the use of missiles and gunfire. The filmmakers and their able panel of experts articulate many of these threats, and they include cyber-attacks, shrinking resources, stalled exports, and forced financial collapse.

China vs. USA: Empires at War sheds light on a simmering conflict that has remained hidden in plain sight. It's a frightening cautionary tale.

Directed by: Anthony Dufour