Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip

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Eight years ago Alexandra Pelosi's husband, Michiel, was just one in millions of immigrants who came to America legally. Since he married her, and she was born in USA, he had no problem getting a green card. He was happy as a resident alien, until his son was born. Suddenly he realized he really had to become an American, so he started down the path to citizenship.

In order to become an American you must be a permanent resident for three to five years, be able to read, write and speak English, be a person of good moral character, pass a civics test, and take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America. After her husband went through this process something really changed in him. He felt like he really belonged to this country, and he was no longer a foreigner in his own family.

His experience inspired Alexandra to set out on a road trip, across America, to all 50 states, to experience the moment when new citizens take their oath, to find out why so many people are willing to renounce their birth country and swear allegiance to the United States of America.

After going to all 50 states she realized that the coolest thing about United States is that you can go to any state and meet people from all over the world. Her favorite thing about America is the newest citizens, immigrants just like her husband who are enriching the country. Seeing America through the eyes of the newest citizens makes you realize all that Americans take for granted. According to Alexandra, the American Dream is alive and well and if Americans want to keep that thing alive they need to keep the country colorful. They just need to make sure to continue to be welcoming.