Constantin and Elena

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Award-winning documentary about an elderly Romanian couple. Each day, they still manage to enjoy life and each other, but grieve over the finiteness of it all.

Constantin and Elena are a couple living in a small Romanian village who have been married for fifty-five years.

Over the course of their lives together, Constantin and Elena have seen war, political upheaval and disasters of all sorts, but they're still together and still in love, even if time has taken a toll on them.

Moving slower than they did in their youth, the couple still wakes each morning, helping one another with the chores and continuing their work making tapestries.

If there's a dark cloud on their horizon, it's the simple knowledge that at their age they have only so long left together, and while both Constantin and Elena hardly welcome their mortality, they've come to see it as an inevitability that need not be feared while looking back on the adventures they've shared together.

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