Creation of the Universe

2003, Science  -  53 min Leave a Comment
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Stylized, high-contrast images paired with creative motion graphics bring life to this scientific documentary and help illustrate the more abstract concepts being discussed. Narration explains that the Universe is said to have emerged 14 billion years ago in an event known as the "Big Bang." The Big Bang Theory presumes existence was borne from a microscopic density of energy. The energy released by in this moment is widely accepted by most scientists as the start of space and time as we know it.

The film incorporates Interviews with astrophysicists including Martin Rees, Alan Guth, Alfonso Aragon and Francisco Sanchez. The general scientific community has a 99% certainty in the Big Bang Theory; however, that certainty drops significantly when considering the moment leading up the bang itself, as it is almost impossible to recreate the conditions in a laboratory.

Inflationary Theory seeks to describe the very moment the universe began expanding. This theory proposes that a peculiar form of matter capable of turning gravity "on it's head" is responsible for the expansion of the Universe. Dark matter is noted to make up 95% of the universe, though little is known about what dark matter itself is comprised of.

Seeking to understand more about the nature of life itself, scientists turn to Mars for a better understanding of organic material, if and how the Red Planet ever supported living organisms, and how long ago? Comets are also studied for any insights they may offer into the vast history of the Universe and the direction in which it may be headed.

While Earth is the only indication of intelligent life that has been proven to date, there is a strong statistical likelihood that other life-sustaining planets do exist. There have been discoveries in the past twenty years regarding the movement of planets in other systems that further increase this likelihood.

Creation of the Universe questions the projected evolution of the Universe and what we may someday face in furthering space exploration, and whether we may even establish communication with intelligent beings. But for any of this to happen we must first harness the ability to travel at the speed of light - a capability that may very well come to pass.