Culture in Decline: Baby Go Boom!

2013, Society  -  32 min Leave a Comment
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In this installment of Peter Joseph's public access parody, the subject of Security and True Safety will be investigated.

The evil terrorists are revealed to be at it again with a new airline scare; our Guy In A Tie reminds us of who is in control and a special award show finds a very special recipient in the Gun Control Debate.

If you watch the news these days it seems to be a lot to be concerned about. Nuclear, war, terrorism, mass shootings, bombings, corporate fraud, bird flu, bank,failures, unemployment, contamination, gangs, general crime, and depending on your temperament and conditioning perhaps you've already armed yourself to the teeth and you're watching this show from an underground bunkers somewhere, waiting for the end of civilization itself.

Whatever the concern the idea of protection or security are ever pervasive these days. Prisons, police, insurance, warranties, protection agencies, military and domestic armament, airport security, government surveillance, and the like reveals a culture of fear, if you will, on many levels.

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