Custom Universe: Fine Tuned for Us?

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In the earliest origins of time, as modern science has been able to define it, the universe was tightly squeezed into an almost unimaginably small space. Billions of stars and galaxies were then separated and spread out amongst the universe through a process which is known as the Big Bang.

If this expansion had been absolutely smooth and perfect, then modern scientific logic dictates that intelligent life as we know it could not exist. Our planet's inhabitants only exist in the imperfections - or fluctuations - of the universe's expansion. This conception has long puzzled the world's top scientists and astrophysicists, and it serves as the fascinating basis for Custom Universe: Fine Tuned for Us?

As the film's many revered and accomplished subjects attest, these imperfections resemble "fine-tunings", and it seems highly unlikely that they were the result of completely random coincidence. In fact, scientists are convinced that these fine-tunings were specifically designed to allow for the existence of intelligent life forms on our planet. For some, this evidence of chaotic order in the universe speaks to the presence of a higher power. Others have made it their life's quest to find an explanation for these mystifying concepts through scientific observation and reasoning.

As illustrated in the film, some of the theories which have resulted from these scientific explorations are a bit far-reaching. Are we living in a parallel universe? Are aliens responsible for our existence on the planet? Are we merely projections of a computer program that exists far into the future?

Or perhaps Earth is merely the one planet out of all the billions of planets in our galaxy which just so happened to be perfectly suited for the existence of life. This "multiverse" concept is one of the major theories which has captivated the attention of the scientific community in recent years. "If there are many, many universes with many, many different features, then it's no surprise that there's one that would fit us," explains mathematical physicist Brian Greene, one of the key subjects featured in the film.

From the outlandish to the tantalizing, the concepts explored in Custom Universe: Fine Tuned for Us? may hold the key to understanding whether our place in the universe is one of purpose or merely the result of a cosmic fluke.