Daisy Chain

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In March 2020 when the first reports about the new virus started to spread, there was little guarantee that a total lockdown would be of any use. Many were scared, unsure of what to do, and needing somebody to step forward and say that everything would be all right.

The key industries in St. Just are tourism, mining, fishing, and farming. The arrival of COVID-19 meant that many lost their income as businesses came to a standstill in an already fragile economy.

The town councilor in St Just set up The Daisy Chain, a decentralized network of 91 volunteers who are in charge of looking after a small group of houses in their neighborhood. Each volunteer can be in charge of 11 or so households. Their duty is to make sure that the people in the households under their charge are receiving the help and support that they need.

The benefits of The Daisy Chain have been in both directions. It has given the volunteers something to focus on other than their own fears and needs, while it has provided support for residents. The Daisy Chain identified areas of need that had been overlooked and became a resource for the most vulnerable people in the community.

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