Dawkins on Religion

2012, Religion  -  48 min Leave a Comment
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An interview with the world's most famous atheist, professor Richard Dawkins, on whether religion is good or evil.

Muslims riot and protest against the truly awful film demonizing Islam. Dozens are killed. Christian pastor in Florida tries to burn a copy of the Quran and ignites global pandemonium. Even Buddhists are at it, attacking the Muslim minorities in Western Burma.

And of course the conflicts played in the modern middle east are often blamed on ancient hatred between the children of Abraham. Remember 9/11? Was this religiously inspired terrorism? Thousands died.

Yet, here is the thing, societies without faith haven't fared much better. Communism banned all religions, as Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong systematically slaughtered millions of their own country.

Is science any better? Since Galileo and Darwin scientists have sought to stomp out ignorance and unravel the mysteries of the universe. But science has also poisoned the environment, unleashed killing on an industrial scale, and now threatens our entire planet.

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