Death on the Railroad

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In 1832, in Pennsylvania's backwoods, Irish immigrants were building one of the America's first railroads.

The workers were building Mile 59 of Philadelphia to Pittsburgh mainline, at a place known as Duffy's Cut.

They left Ireland, a land almost destroyed by starvation, disease, and crime, in hopes of a new life, but within few days they would all be dead and their bodies would be concealed in an unmarked tomb.

What happened to these people has remained a secret for almost two centuries. Their disappearance was covered up by some very influential forces.

Now, an accidental discovery by twin brothers, Bill and Frank Watson, has brought to light this abandoned secret. It's a story that exposes a very dark chapter in the American history. The brothers teamed up with other historians and scientists to expose the truth behind the death of these lost Irish railroad workers.

Using a mixture of forensics and old school detective work, they unravel the true story behind Death on the Railroad.

The finding of a secret file detailed how the Irish immigrant workers were hired to work on Mile 59. It also acknowledged that when the men died the railroad went to great lengths to keep the men's deaths hidden.