Deconversion, Belief, and the Power of Silence

2010, Religion  -  87 min Leave a Comment
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The author's hope in making this documentary is that he can be, for one person, the person he never had in his life through the years of losing everything he believed in. It is OK to not be a Christian.

This is a tragic love story of unusual nature, but it happens - and not enough people are talking about it. Not enough people can.

It took him five years to tell his best friend that he was not a Christian anymore. Sometimes it takes a while to say what you mean.

This is his struggle with incompatible truth and crippling, terrifying cognitive dissonance that silently steals his identity as he's ripped apart from the fabric of relationships and unspoken beliefs that we're all woven into.

This struggle builds to a bridge, a climax and he's forced to either modify what he believes or lose his faith.