Drugs, Inc. - Wasted in Seattle

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When Todd, a representative from one supremacist prison gang, entered Seattle the city was basically prepared for "harvest." He immediately began imposing a street tax on the drug dealers. Not everybody was cheerful about this new arrangement and one dealer caught Todd off guard. However, realizing how comfortably gang members like Todd inaugurate themselves, organized crime syndicates started to penetrate this liberal city. The most effective and authoritative crime group is the Mexican Cartels.

The flow of new criminals is building violent rivalry on the pavement. To stay competent, Seattle dealers have joined together to make their own criminal organizations.

Ozu supplies Gator and other city swindlers with crack. He has to be 100% sure that his product is better than the other ones on the street. As the crack solidifies, Ozu cautiously extracts his priceless commodity, assuring not to waste any of his earnings. $2,000 of cocaine is converted into a crack biscuit with a street price of $4,000. With the crack divided into smaller batches, Ozu rides into the city to distribute his product.

Gator then cracks the crack into street bargains. The most wanted seller on Seattle streets is the $20 batch. Gator sells drugs very openly, even in front of the police. One of the most productive drug markets in the city is Belltown. In Belltown's streets you find all social, economic, and ethnic groups. Dee was a millionaire with several profitable businesses until he found crack. Dee now most of the time is high on crack, marching from dealer to dealer, sometimes not sleeping for days.

Seattle's Police Department has long been fighting the city's transparent drug trade. Being impotent to incarcerate their way out of the situation of constant low-level drug trade that infects Belltown, the city has been compelled to look for other possible solutions. Police are trying out a new program that they hope will eliminate repeat offending. Available only in United States.