Educating Black Boys

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Join DocumentaryStorm, Tony Harris, and Al Jazeera as we go into Baltimore, into the inner city, into the classrooms, and into the head of black boys of America. The education system is failing black Americans. Why? You’ll be fascinated by what you see. Baltimore is known as “Charm City” for the waterfront. But that’s about as charming as the city gets. Venture further on land and it’s a violent place that calls to mind the brilliant TV show “The Wire,” which was set in Baltimore.

Baltimore is also home to Harris and he takes us on an up close and personal journey to his old neighborhood to witness the challenges facing black youth today as they struggle to get out of the dead end of life on inner city streets.

The crime is disproportionately black Americans in Baltimore. Why did Harris make it out ‘successfully,’ while many friends weren’t as lucky? He looks at this, too. Enjoy!