El Gallo

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Juan Francisco Estrada is ‘El Gallo’, an extremely talented Mexican boxer. But Estrada’s childhood was filled with loss and tragedy. As he prepares for his biggest fight yet, he shares his thoughts and philosophies about life, intertwined with his memories.

El Gallo believes that life cannot always be about happiness, so at some point God will allow bad things to happen. These are lessons that one has to learn in order to succeed in life. He believes that one important lesson is how to tolerate pain.

At the age of seven he lost his mother to leukemia. He was too young to understand what was really going on, but an aunt took care of him and his siblings. At the age of nine, he started boxing after seeing a man and his young son training under a tree. The man agreed to teach him a few things.

People began to call him El Gallo (the rooster) after he became the three-time amateur champion and there was an article written about him in the newspaper with the title A Fighting Rooster.

Juan Estrada attributes his success to his love for discipline and his willingness to work hard for what he wants. This has kept him going in spite of unimaginable personal loss.