Energy Quest USA

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Americans used to depend on animals for transporting people and cargo from one place to another. Oil from whales was used to illuminate their evenings. Today it's petrol and cars, and enormous amounts of electricity to brighten their cities and support their economy. But one research asserts that Americans spend just six minutes a year thinking about energy.

It's obvious that the American public does not want to think about its energy consumption. The one place Americans focus on energy usage is when they're at the petrol pump.

Global economy makes oil prices increase and collapse in reaction to circumstances beyond American borders and out of their control. They are concerned about how their economy gets hurt, and the only way to properly respond is to take matters into their own hands. In this documentary, we look at how America consumes and exploits energy, and we'll meet enthusiasts who are finding new sustainable resources to conserve energy.

U.S. has had huge success in preservation and energy effectiveness, but the "fifth fuel" is very, very critical for their future. Exploiting that fifth fuel can be as difficult as drilling for fossil fuels. But supplying communities with power in these new sustainable ways also empowers people.

By using clean, sustainable energy we're also helping earth's climate. The Earth's atmosphere is not concerned what people think, the atmosphere cares what people actually do. We pay a visit to five very distinctive communities in America's inland, to find out how they're cultivating new sources of energy, or reducing debris, and why methods like those are very important for all of us.

Occasionally when Americans hear energy, they immediately think about crisis. The point is, it doesn't have to be that way. However, Shirley Jackson, ex-head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and now president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, thinks the United States is actually well-situated.