Entering New Worlds Through Photography

2016, Art, Photography  -  14 min Leave a Comment
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In this documentary, professional photographer Christopher Anderson shares his life-changing experience aboard a Haitian refugee boat headed for the United States. He captured the spontaneous expressions of the passengers as they came to grips with the fact that the boat was sinking and they had only a few more minutes to live.

As a young boy growing up in a small town in Texas, the camera came to represent “a way out” for Anderson. Coincidentally his first job after college was developing pictures for the Dallas Morning News. It was during this time that Christopher’s love affair with photography began.

One of the biggest questions he asks himself is “what do I want my photographs to represent?” This keeps him focused on what he wants to portray with each shot. For Christopher, his pictures are a way to explain the world and himself to others.

Beyond composition and lighting, there are some magical images that make up the perfect photograph. Christopher has been able to discover that magic.

After years of traveling all over the world Christopher Anderson goes on to describe his current experience working mostly from home in New York. As he begins to pay attention the his city and the people who live in it, he gains a personal sense of connection and acknowledges the privilege of photographing in a concentrated way.