Evil Dead

2002, Mystery  -  50 min Leave a Comment
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Would you venture into the world of darkness? To places that are temples of the wicked? To find out how Hitler's body was eliminated by the KGB? Who took a murderer's gravestone for memento? Where is the burial place of Jesse James? And who decapitated the man who killed the King of England? Were these persons too evil to rest in peace? The grave, the reign of the cruelest tyrant, and the most heartless serial killer... all have to end sometime. But though they end in death, sometimes the legacy of evil lives on.

Ed Gein was a farmer's son, but after his brother, father and his mother died he lived alone in an old farmhouse outside of Plainfield, Wisconsin. A town of just 500 people, an ordinary kind of town, but what was about to unfold there would shock the entire world and spawn the most terrifying movies ever made. So how did Ed Gein become Plainfield's most infamous son? What triggered an explosion of evil within?

Plainfield's hardware store hasn't changed much in 50 years... since the day in 1957 when its owner, Bernice Worden, suddenly went missing. Mrs. Worden's folks called out the county sheriff, but he thought crime was simply not probable for such a small town. Officers visited Gein's farmhouse because Ed was a frequent customer at the store, so maybe he'd seen something.

How could anyone have suspected the horror which was about to unfold? In the flashlight glare Bernice Worden's corpse was dangling from a meat hook. They were inside the lair of a monster. Under piles of garbage there were body parts from more than a dozen of corpses. Some of Gein's collection came from his own fresh kills, the rest he plundered from Plainfield's cemetery.

But what had turned the farmhand into a murderer? The bodies Gein stole were all women. He needed them to be fresh to carry out his most astonishing act of evil. Ed Gein became byword for evil, but he also became a star.