Excavating the Empty Tomb

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If you are looking for truth, reason, logic, and solid information about Christianity and the Bible, then stick around. The author is an ex-Christian atheist (TruthSurge) with many thoughts and ideas to share.

Hold off judgment until you've watched more because it very well may be that the full impact is not achieved until more evidence has been placed upon the table.

Was the author of the gospel we attribute to Mark writing history or fiction? Did Mark rely upon Greek mythology to help him sculpt his own mini-epic?

Were there literary precedents for a missing hero turned deity before and during Mark's time? Could he have borrowed this motif for his own story?

Did the gospel writers record actual history or... did they CREATE history by using Old Testament stories and phrases as source material for events and sayings in Jesus's life?

The reliability of the gospels continues to plummet as we examine the phenomenon of deliberate embellishment and add-ons to the original stories.