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There is a lot of conflicting information about what’s really going on is South Africa lately. From rumors of a White genocide to disappearing government funds, South Africa seems to be in a lot of turmoil. Apparently there is no justice and many are predicting a civil war.

A journalist sets out on a quest to find out what exactly is taking place. In her search for truth she uncovers some of the most gruesome and surprising information that the rest of the world has never heard about.

To understand South Africa today, one has to go way back in history to the year 1652 when the Dutch East India Company (VOC) became the first European group to establish a permanent settlement on the country’s western coast.  At this point only the Khoisan people inhabited the rest of the country. This was an ancient nomadic group that arrived long before the Black tribes migrated south.

By 1671, the VOC bought its first plot of land from the Khoisan people and established the Cape Colony in the area surrounding what later on became known as Cape Town.

The VOC was negligent in the way it treated its people and many of the children of the settlers were born into indentured servitude. Prompted by this injustice, eventually a group of pioneers (voortrekkers) broke free and travelled into the interior of the country searching for farmlands where they could settle and experience some freedom.

In 1816 Zulu king Shaka ascended to the throne and immediately began to conquer the tribes who were competing for control of the region. A few years later there was a rebellion that split off from the Zulus and headed north where they massacred about 2 million Bantu people.

The voortrekkers had been making deals with smaller tribes in the area, trading favors, weapons and even livestock in exchange for land. However it wasn’t long before these peaceful exchanges between Blacks and Whites gave way to violent, bloody, militaristic violations of basic human rights.

Another king by the name of Dingane massacred an entire encampment of voortrekkers and the Khoisan people who had accompanied them in what became known as the Weenen Massacre.

Then in 1910 the Union of South Africa was formed after the Dutch surrendered to the British. This united all the established colonies. What caused the separation of blacks and whites? Find out now.