Fish Story

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Caspar Salmon was told that sometime in the 1980s his grandmother, Pauline Salmon, was invited to attend a gathering to celebrate the inauguration of a place of business in Anglesey. Anglesey is an island in Wales, which is known for its beaches and ancient sites such as the Britannia Bridge and the Menai Suspension Bridge.

According to Pauline Salmon, other people from the same area in North Wales where she lived were also invited. But the guests had one rare characteristic in common: they all had fish surnames.

She even said that Michael Fish, a BBC weatherman who was famous at the time, was there to host the event and hand out the party favors, which were a little fishy.

In this hilarious short film, filmmaker Charlie Lyne tackles the phone book and starts calling the Crabs, Pikes, Herrings, Mullets, and Haddocks. His goal is to try to confirm if Pauline Salmon’s story actually took place. He is in for a surprise.