Flipping The World – Drugs Through a Blue Lens

2016, Drugs, Drug Trade, Addiction  -  30 min Leave a Comment
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You might have seen Randy rolling on the sidewalk and drooling. The stench of his body might have caused you to cross the street. You might not even have attributed his antics to drug addiction, but to some kind of mental illness. But after a year of being sober he walks into the room as a healthy man and earns the awed stares of seven high school students. They had just watched footage of him when he was on drugs and had predicted that he had gone too far to change.

This documentary is an honest look at the world of youth and drug addiction as told by those who have been there. Seven culturally diverse high school students meet with members of the Odd Squad – Vancouver police officers who have been tracking and filming people addicted to drugs since 1998.

The students talk to the cops honestly about what pushes young people into drugs. Then they meet some young people in recovery and others struggling with drug addiction. This film is an important discussion starter that provides a wealth of teachable moments for anyone who works with youth.