From an African refugee camp to the US

2021, Modern Era  -  42 min Leave a Comment
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An American dream comes true for a Congolese family and their friend. After more than 20 years in an African refugee camp they start a new life in the United States. With courage and humor, they navigate the challenges of their new life. The first time in an airplane, the first time on an escalator ... these everyday situations are part of something much more for Jean-Pierre, his family, and his friend Isaiah. Their departure after 20 years living in a refugee camp is a moment of happiness, but also one of deep emotion. Because of the brutal civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the group had long ago given up hope of a better life. But eventually, they made their way via Uganda to the United States, thanks to a special UN refugee program. As they begin their new life, they are assisted by social workers specializing in integration. Their experiences reveal a lot about American society, like when a social worker praises sugary soft drinks in a supermarket, prompting Jean-Pierre to comment on how unhealthy the American diet is. This heart-warming documentary depicts brave and charismatic immigrants as they begin a new life.