From Christian to Atheist

2012, Atheism  -  28 min Leave a Comment
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From Christian to Atheist is one man’s journey away from Faith and towards what he calls ‘the truth.’ This documentary is a very rough cut of a more ambitious future project. The director/star is looking for feedback and possible funding. Faith has become a larger issue with every president cycle and hot button issue. From gay marriage to gun registry, religion seems to always pop its head. The division of Church and State is a technicality, according to many.

David Broman is not a documentary maker or public figure.  But he felt compelled to be heard. At DocumentaryStorm we support freedom of ideas.

Please review this work and give David some feedback.

NOTE FROM DOCUMENTARYSTORM: this is an amateur documentary and contains many provocative statements.  The production value is also poor. We are allowing this documentary because of the themes raised and the room for a positive discussion among the community and among yourself and your own beliefs.