Fungus: The plastic of the future

2015, Research  -  11 min Leave a Comment
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The documentary is a powerful look at how the fungus is used to replace plastic for packing purpose.  The researcher follows various method to replace plastic. The documentary says about some of the methods followed to replace plastic. The first researcher Prof. Han Wosten , microbiologist, Utrecht University say about fortified pulp using fungus.The second researcher Maurizio Montalti, Designer, Officina Corpuscoli uses Mycelium. Mycelium's fast-growing fibers produce materials used for packaging, clothing, food and construction—everything from leather to plant-based steak to scaffolding for growing organs. The third researcher Eric Klarenbeek, Designer of the unusual uses fungus as a kind of glue  or substitute of plastic in order to make 3D print. Eden bayer, Co-Founder, Ecovative says about packing material made up of fungus. Therefore in various point of view of the researchers, there are so many ways to overcome the use of plastics. Soon we will see "Plastic free world".