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Gandhi’s Children is not a documentary about Gandhi’s next of kin. It is a documentary about his legacy: on India. It is a documentary about where the children of India find themselves today: many decades after Gandhi’s assassination.

The director takes us on his personal journey through India to document the powerless and give voice to the speechless.
Gandhi’s Children is visually delicious. But, the visuals won’t feed a child’s stomach in India. India is destined to be a superpower economy by as soon as 2015, but the majority of its people still live under the poverty line.  The director focuses on four stories: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water (any Captain Planet fans catch the reference?).

First, we see the terrible conditions and tragic stories, including a community that survives by eating rats three times a day. The film, however, ends on a hopeful note.

The final act has over 100,000 poor organizing to lead a non violent foot march that would make Gandhi proud. They walk three hundred and forty kilometers over nine months. Their goal: the right to own land.