Gang Love

2019, Crime  -  36 min Leave a Comment
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This is a short documentary about people who are often referred to as animals. It analyzes the mindset of gang members and identifies why it’s easy for high-risk young men and women to end up becoming gangstas.

A lot of young boys and girls see gangs as an escape from an undesirable home or family situation. The lack of positive role models and the deep desire to be accepted and loved usually sends them on a quest for somebody to look up to. Many of these teens are filled with fear and anger. This is a lethal combination because ironically it makes them bold in the face of violence.

Going to jail is actually seen as a means to get the respect of the others. Regardless of how horrible the experience might be, most gangsters end up caught in a cycle that keeps them going in and out of jail for decades.

Gangs fill a void in the lives of its members; they provide protection and a sense of belonging. A gang member gets status from being a part of the group and many of them interpret this dynamic to be love. The fact that they suffer a lot emotionally and aren’t used to getting care and support in a healthy fashion is what makes a lot of young people susceptible to the gang culture. The gang becomes the place where they are accepted, respected, included and appreciated.